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What is CBP?

CBP or Chiropractic Bio-Physics is currently the most researched form of chiropractic in the history of chiropractic. The research team that studies CBP rehabilitation methods consists of mathematicians, engineers, MDs, DCs, and even a rocket scientist. This team has thoroughly studied all aspects of your CBP structural rehabilitation experience; reliability, validity and consistency of spinal correction providing you with the best in rehab care possible.

Each spine is unique and requires a unique approach towards correction. Rather than simply reducing symptoms or temporarily relieving pain, our goal at the BAC clinic of Chiropractic is to correct the cause of these symptoms, in order to prevent them from reoccurring. CBP uses exercises, adjustments, and mechanical traction to mold your spine to an ideal position that is biomechanically less strenuous on your spine and nervous system.

Why Traction?

Many of you have been to chiropractors who do not utilize traction in the office. Some of you have never been to a chiropractor and may be wondering why traction is a necessary and important part of your care. The fact is that traction is the only known conservative method use to restore normal curves to the spine. Traction is simply a sustained force applied to the spine in a specific direction, for the purpose of restoring normal spinal position. These traction forces are necessary to reduce normal spinal curvatures, correct abnormal postures, and will provide increased stability to damaged spines. These forces should only be applied by a practitioner certified in CBP or Chiropractic Bio-Physics. The proper application of spinal traction will ensure safety and effectiveness of care.

Force And Time

Your spine exhibits many different properties. Elasticity, viscosity, and plasticity are the properties which are being addressed with traction. Elasticity simply means that your spine is kind of like a rubber band. If you apply a rapid stretch to a rubber band, it instantly changes its shape; it lengthens, and then returns to normal. The human spine is no different, if you supply a traction force, and then remove it quickly, the spine still resume its shape; even if that shape is abnormal! The spine also exhibits the property of viscosity which is similar to that of silly putty. If you press on silly putty it will remain the shape of your finger. However, this shape is not permanent and can be changed with pressure in another direction. Your spine is no different, if a force is applied for a certain amount of time, a change will take place. However, if that force is removed too soon, the spine will again resume an abnormal shape. The ultimate goal of traction is to apply a force which will affect the plastic property of the spine. This means permanent change toward normal! If a traction force is applied to the spine for more than 10-15 minutes, a permanent change is made. That change may be small at first, but over time, the change will be more and more apparent, improving posture, structure, and function!


What Should I Expect While Undergoing Traction?

The CBP doctors are trained to determine the proper time for traction therapy to begin. Once it has been determined that traction may begin without any increase in symptoms, there are some things you should be aware of. First, be patient! It has probably taken many years for you to develop your abnormal spinal positions and it will take some time to get you back toward normal. Traction forces will be applied to your neck, or your back or both to achieve optimal spinal correction. Understand that you will be slowly introduced to this type of care and it is important to keep an open line of communication with your CBP doctor. If at any time, you experience increase in symptoms, it is important that you notify your doctor to see if there needs to be modifications in force application or time duration of traction.


Will I Experience Pain?

No! If at any time you experience an increase in pain during traction, it is vital to notify your CBP doctor to see if modifications are necessary. There are over 50 different forms of spinal traction and so it is important to have an open line of communication with your doctor. However, because traction is changing the spine from an abnormal position back toward a normal position, similar to that of dental braces, you may experience some increased soreness. This soreness is normal, and frankly, is expected. If you did not experience increased soreness from the traction, it is likely that you are not changing your spine toward normal. Remember, just like exercising or learning to play an instrument, you will receive the greatest benefit if you are consistent, diligent, and challenge yourself toward a goal of normal spinal structure. The harder you work, the greater the spinal change and thus the greater the benefit to you and your health.


How Long Does It Take?

It is necessary to remember that healing takes time. Hard work and consistency is vital in achieving a great outcome in traction. The results you achieve in traction is a direct result of your willingness to increase time and force of traction in order to see the kind of corrections you and your CBP doctor wish to accomplish. When it comes to traction, more is more!


What More Will Help My Progress?

Now that you understand why traction is necessary to correct spinal structure toward normal, there are things you can do outside this office that will significantly benefit you while you’re here. Home traction Denneroll traction as well as Home exercises are always encouraged to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time. As stated before more is more! Follow your doctor’s instructions, be diligent about following through. Remember that the CBP doctors have your best interests in mind. Work with use to assure maximum results.'


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