Auto Accident FAQ

Our chiropractor, Dr. Brad Chicoine at the BAC Clinic of Chiropractic and Spine Rehabilitation in Sioux City, IA, is knowledgeable in how to treat patients and help patients heal from many different types of auto accident injury. There are many ways that a patient recovering from an auto accident injury may benefit from our chiropractor’s chiropractic services. Here are some questions that our patients may ask.


Why should I choose a chiropractor?

A motor vehicle accident victim and survivor may leave their doctor's office with only a few prescriptions and no further instruction on how to deal with the injuries besides "get some rest." And while the prescription medication can certainly numb the pain, it may do little to alleviate the back pain, neck discomfort, stiffness, soreness, and restricted mobility that are all typical symptoms of those who have recently been in a car accident. Chiropractors can help recognize why these symptoms are occurring and, instead of numbing them with medication, they may use spinal and other joint adjustments and physical treatment to help them and help provide natural significant pain relief for their patients. There are many benefits to seeking the services of our chiropractor Dr. Brad Chicoine.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

  • Inflammation may be reduced: Micro-tears in the body's muscles and ligaments are common and can't be detected by a regular x-ray. Spinal adjustments may help to realign the spine, resulting in natural anti-inflammatory effects to aid with discomfort caused by these tears.
  • It may decrease scar tissue: After an accident, muscles might be scarred, resulting in stiffness and discomfort. A chiropractor can help target these scarred regions and help them break down more quickly than they would if left to heal on their own. A patient may feel much better, far quicker, as a result of less scar tissue.
  • Ability to function normally without drugs may be improved: Drug addiction can be very difficult to break free from. In the short term, taking a strong painkiller will wash away the sensations of pain, but at the expense of falling victim to addiction or dependency. Adjustments made by chiropractors help ensure that the actual injury is addressed, and that discomfort isn't just masked as a side effect of medication.
  • Chiropractic care may help give long-term gains: Chiropractic treatment promptly following a vehicle accident may help prevent minor injuries from turning into major and chronic ailments in the future.

How can chiropractic care help me regain my range of motion?

Rehabilitation may assist you to recover your range of motion. Neck or back problems might restrict your mobility. When your muscles are inflamed, it may be difficult to turn your neck or move in other ways. Chiropractic adjustment mobilizing the spine may help you restore your full range of motion and speed up the recovery process.

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If you need help recovering from an auto accident injury, call our chiropractor, Dr. Brad Chicoine, at (712) 252-0633 The BAC Clinic in Sioux City, IA. 

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