Shoulder Pain FAQs

Shoulder pain is a common auto accident injury and is one of the top reasons people seek chiropractic care next to common back pain complaints. People suffering from this pain often have many questions about treatment options, including how a chiropractor can help them with their pain. Dr. Brad Chicoine with us at the BAC Clinic of Chiropractic and Spine Rehabilitation in Sioux City, IA, provides various holistic and alternative treatment options providing patients with a non-invasive, drug-free pain management treatment option. 


Below are some frequently asked questions about shoulder pain: 

What are the common causes of shoulder pain? 

Most people experience one of two principal causes of shoulder pain - acute injury or a chronic pain condition. Acute pain is often the result of an auto accident injury, including dislocation, frozen shoulder, or a rotator cuff injury. Chronic pain conditions may include arthritis, bursitis, or shoulder instability. 

Is bursitis a form of shoulder pain? 

A bursitis is a form of shoulder pain occurring when there is inflammation in the small cushioning areas of the shoulder, also known as the bursae. When the bursae become inflamed, it presses against muscles and tendons, restricting movement and causing discomfort. 

Can overuse of the shoulder cause pain? 

Overusing or frequent repetitive shoulder joint motion can cause tiny tears in the tissue fibers. Pain typically occurs when the damage to the fibers occurs faster than the body can naturally heal itself. This condition can cause the shoulder tissue to become inflamed, putting pressure on joints, muscles, and tendons, causing significant amounts of pain. 

Can a chiropractor treat shoulder pain?

Chiropractic adjustments can help reposition the shoulder into the correct position, especially after an auto accident injury dislocation. Helping return the body back to its natural position also helps ease pain associated with shoulder arthritis and nerve pain. 

Additionally, seeing a chiropractic doctor can provide alternative treatments to traditional medical treatment options, including surgery and prescribing addictive pain medications. Chiropractic care treatment options may include massage therapy, physiotherapy, and more. 

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